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Kitesurf Equipment Manufacturers

Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding Equipment Suppliers and Manufacturers

We compiled a list of kitesurfing / kiteboarding equipment manufacturers. The list contains kite, board, hydrofoil, harness and other accessory manufacturers. So far the list extends to well over 120 brands. Have a look, you might find some interesting gear. 
If you know of any brands that are not listed here, or have some corrections or updates, please leave a comment and we will add them.

Kitesurfing equipment manufacturers in alphabetical order:


Kite brands missing: BRM (Board Riding Maui): Hyde Kites, Philippines

Missing Delta hydrofoils (different from delta you have listed) Cannibal kitesurf boards (AJ Finnin) shapes FireWire KT Mikes lab foils Spots foils Sword foils Neilpryde foils That’s all I can think of

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