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Divemaster Internship Program

Phi Phi Scuba Diving Center - Phi Phi island, Thailand

Phi Phi Scuba has space again for our famous Divemaster internship program. We offer free Education to the Divemaster level. To qualify you need to have at least the Open Water Level before you start! The Program will introduce you slowly to the professional diving level, while you do about 100-150 dives, which will give you a huge amount of experience! All the Courses are paid by us and will be paid off through guiding and assisting. The internship is 4 Months long. If you are interested please send us a little CV with picture by e-mail and we can send you more information!

Watersports activity: 

diving / scuba diving

Required qualifications: 


Required languages: 


Occupational fields: 

Instructor / Coach / Customer Support

Employment type: 

Internship / trainee

Application email: 

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