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An Introduction to Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding

Kitesurfing (aka kiteboarding), has become massively popular since 2000. People across generations enjoy this exciting hobby. Depending on your ambition and style, you can smoothly cruise across mirror-like waters enjoying nature and its beauty, or carve your way through waves as if dancing with them, or become the king of the sky by looping yourself and the kite through the air.

The compact equipment is very easy to transport, and fast to set up. A wetsuit, rucksack with your kite, control bar, pump, and the 4-5 foot long board is all you need. The kite is either pumped up or self inflatable and ready to fly in less than 10 minutes. However, what you do need for kitesurfing is a large enough launching area which can accommodate the 25 meter long lines and has no obstructions downwind close to where you are launching from.

Kitesurfing requires two basic skills: board control and kite control. If you have prior experience in snowboarding or skateboarding, you will find the board control very easy. Likewise, if you have flown 2 or 4 line kites before, you will be able to pick up the required kite control skills quickly. Once you have mastered the basics of kiteboarding you can stay out on the water for hours, effortlessly riding to any point you want to go to and experience the exhilaration of letting the kite lift you up into the air.

While classified by many as extreme sport, with modern equipment kitesurfing has become moderately safe. If you lose control of the equipment, simply let go of everything and the kite will automatically park itself in a stable position. Pull the safety release and you can detach yourself from the kite.

Whether you want to start a new hobby or advance your skills, we recommend that you do so with a qualified instructor, who will ensure that your kiting experience will be fun, and more importantly, safe, from your first launch.