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6 Passive ways to your next instructor job

Take the stress out of finding the next job. Due to the seasonal nature of water sports, few instructors hold long-term contracts and looking for the next job is always looming on the horizon. However, with the right approach this does not have to be an overwhelming task. Below are 6 ways that will allow you to learn about new career opportunities and secure the next job offer without actively searching for it.

Before you start, review and polish your application materials. Make sure they are relevant to the job offers you want to attract and that your resume or CV are up to date. Get some expressive pictures shot of you and have work references ready.

All set and ready for a new adventure? Here are six ways to get new job opportunities coming into your inbox:

  1. Facebook
  2. Join groups dedicated to posting job offers for watersports or kitesurfing instructors. Add the group to your news feed and watch job opportunities coming through. Search Facebook for the pages most relevant to you. There are international as well as regional groups (e.g. instructors in Mexico) as well as groups dedicated to different activities (e.g. watersports in general or only kitesurfing) and different qualifications (e.g. RYA instructors). For example join: 'International kiteboarding instructors'
  3. Twitter
  4. Twitter is another great way of staying up to date with new job opportunities. Search Twitter for users posting job opportunities and follow them to get the latest job vacancies straight onto your phone. For example follow @KitesurfingJobs
  5. Job Site Job Alerts
  6. Most job board websites offer an e-mail job alert. Sign up to the job board, which is free on most sites for job applicants, and register to receive job alerts. For example subscribe to job alerts on
  7. List Resume
  8. Almost daily water sport centres ask me for instructor candidates. I typically pointing them at the resume database to browse through and select candidates they like to interview. Listing your resume online, ideally with a photo and a few lines about your experience and personality, will allow employers to find and contact you. For example post your resume on the
  9. Google Alerts
  10. Let search engine algorithms do the work for you. With Google alerts you can monitor the web for content you are interested in. Set up an alert with keywords such as: kitesurf + instructor + job and select the frequency of updates you want to receive. To set it up, go to Google Alerts
  11. Friends and Co-workers
  12. Last but not least use your real-world network. Mention it to friends and co-workers that you are interested to hear about new job opportunities in the watersports industry. Share any relevant news and information you have with your friends, use your time and skill to help them where you can and you can be sure that they will think of you when they hear about the perfect job opportunity for you.

    Implement some or all of the tips above, keep yourself interview ready, and you can relax and get on with the job at hand. Simply keep an eye on your job news feeds and when the right opportunity comes along, send a strong application.


Thanks you so much for those tips!!! Thanks you so much for all your help to the kitesurfing community! Laia

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