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Naxoskitelife kitesurfing school in naxos

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  • IKO 1,2,3 courses private or groups
  • VIP instruction courses (1 instructor 1 student)
  • Organizing ITC seminar courses (if you want to become iko kitesurfing instructor)

We have an iko approved school (check our iko website):

  • Official Eleveight school from 2018
  • Takoon boards
  • Mystic ion and neil pryde harnesses, impact vests, helmets and wetsuits
  • We teach with radios
  • We will give you advice on equipment and in general we will answer any questions you may have.
  • We provide every Tuesday free introduction lesson for kitesurfing in our School.
  • We can arrange any repairs on your equipment and inform you about the cost (Pavel Pirov pro repairer)
  • Looking for accommodation? We can also find and inform you about costs and availability also with some discount depended on date.

For more info feel free to ask at
Looking for luxurious accommodation? We can arrange you the best price (until end of June) for some luxurious villas around mikri vigla near the beach!

Discover the beach life and enjoy life with the vibes u get from surfing! With the assistance of God Aiolos, the God of Wind, you will learn how to surf and fly high!
Instruction courses are made in English, Spanish, German, Russian and Greek language! Basic English or spanish is enough to make you understand and learn fast!
We provide instruction courses with experienced IKO instructors who provide courses according to IKO standards.
Our basic goal is to make your visit count and make sure you enjoy the sun, sea, wind and beach life!
You can always check the weather conditions online through our impressum.
When there is no wind there are plenty things to do so all time you will have something to discover and learn- ask us, we will be very happy to guide you on what to do!
We are looking forward to meet you!

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  • kitesurfing
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  • Training courses
  • Advanced courses
  • Beginers