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Instructor/Allround Host Kitecamp Aceh, Indonesia

Seabreeze Kite Club - Aceh, Indonesia

Dear Instructors,

We are Seabreeze Kite Club and having at the moment our season running in the Philippines.

However we are looking for an instructor who is available from 01 May till Mid Oct in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.

We are having a huge lagoon with chop and deep water and a beachfront location. We need instructor with good deep water teaching experience. It has a left-hander (great for wave-riding) and the wind is strong and awesome every year!

We are looking for the right person that can take this kite-camp up to the next level as we are opening at the same concept and time in Lombok, Indonesia this 2018 season as well.

The job involves daily taking the guests out to the kite-spot. Riding with the guests, entertainment, giving lessons. We also have a beach boy to help when necessary. Basically it is a daily running job and make the customers happy. preferably the candidates have a little hospitality background as well.

We will give you the opportunity to kite yourself a lot while running a camp to your best interest and having fun.

The place can be vary with sometime very busy but sometimes more relaxed and we are asking a lot of flexibility from you during the season. We will give the right candidates free housing and a % on lessons.

The Instructor needs to be very professional in teaching while being uplifting, friendly, flexible, and outgoing.

You will be needing a Work-permit in Indonesia to be able to teach and work. This amount will be paid by yourself. However, we will reimburse this total amount to you divided over the period of the work contract.

Aceh is really beautiful, but not a party place!. Beer is available in the guest house but due to it be Muslim other alcohol is limited and there are no bars. Women need to understand that you must cover shoulders and knees when going into the little village.

Do you see yourself in this profile then don't hesitate to contact us at


Maurice and Joanna

Watersports activity: 


Required qualifications: 

IKO Instructor Level 1

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Occupational fields: 

Instructor / Coach

Employment type: 

Full time


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