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MKV kite station - Rhodos , Greece

The Michaels Vacancies Hotel and the MKV kite station looking for the new season 20l9 middle of May until beginning of October kite instructors to work in watersports centre at Fanes the best kite spot on Rhodos island.

Room + breakfast + dinner + fix salary + % from the lessons .

Kite station is placed in owned area 2800m2 faced with the sea, full of green. It’s the only hotel where their clients are kiters or windsurfers. It’s the one you are looking for, one family hotel with traditional to the sea tourism. At Fanes beach is 100% sand with few little stones at 400 meter long and 80 meters large bay with a lot of trees, to relax in the shadow.In the water there is only sand and the deep remains at 1,2 meters after 100 meter distanse from the coast. On Fanes Beach the Meltemi, a thermal wind, always supports you with the right power in your rig. The wind gets compressed between the island and the Turkish mainland, and regional thermal blasts increasing it to an even stronger degree. Most of the time during summer the Meltemi reaches an average wind speed of 4 to 7 beaufort. At least 4 bft wind speed is as good as guaranteed during summer almost every single day.

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Occupational fields: 

Instructor / CoachCustomer Support

Employment type: 

Freelancer / self-employedFull timePart time / side job

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