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Kitesurf Equipment Manufacturers

We compiled a list of kitesurfing equipment manufacturers. So far the list extends to well over 120 brands. Have a look, you might find some interesting gear.
If you know of any brands that are not listed here, please leave a comment and we will add them.

Kitesurfing equipment manufacturers in alphabetical order:


Litewave Kiteboards FCD Kite Surfboards Loyd Kite Surfboards Takuma Concept Foilboards & Hydrofoils North Pacific Kite Surfboards StringyFoil Hydrofoils Bellacera Kiteboards Stretch Kite Surfboards & Foilboards Doyle Kiteboards Amundson Kiteboards Jellyfish Kiteboards Moses Foilboards & Hydrofoils Enata Foilboards & Hydrofoils Mike's Lab Foilboards Camet Foilboards IeroFoil Hydrofoil Jimmy Lewis Kiteboards Rogue Wave Kiteboards Encore Kiteboards Axon Kiteboards Brokite Kiteboards


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