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Looking for a beautiful & secure spot to do Kitesurf, Windsurf, Surf or SUP?
Here in La Boquilla, Cartagena de Indias is the right place to start, to improve, to rent or to buy the equipment for your favorite water sports. We offer classes and we also organize Kite-Safaris, a unique sport's adventure along the Colombian coast.


Kitesurf Instructor

Manawa Camp, Costa de Caparica
Instructor / Coach | Customer Support | teaching experience & knowledge | customer care / hospitality

Bay of Life

Our first discovery in India is that any one can surf. The waves are nice and friendly, the water is warm and marine life is perfectly safe for sea goers unlike many parts of the world. All you need is a good institution to get you initiated and you will discover an ocean of joy.

Radical Sports Tobago

Learning is so much easier with warm Caribbean waters, New Gear and Highest Teaching Standards in the industry.

We offer Lessons from Beginner to Advanced. We also have a full Rental Facility for Windsurfing Gear including Foiling.

We have certified Stand Up Paddle Lessons available, Rental and night time Bioluminescence Tours.

Quest Kiteboarding

Quest Kiteboarding was established in 2012 on Diani Beach, which is located 30 km’s south of Mombasa. Situated on the tropical lawns of the Diani Sea Lodge, the kite centre is in the centre of Diani, half way between 40 Thieves Beach Bar and the Sands at Nomads Restaurant.

NorthWest Kiteboarding

NorthWest Kiteboarding is a kiteschool situated in the NorthWest of Holland and Europe. The NorthWesterly winds is by far the best direction at our favorite homespots: Makkum and Kornwerderzand, part of the Frisian IJsselmeer coast. With its typical shallow waters, both spots are perfect for beginners to progress. Furthermore, it is one of the best kiteboarding spots in Holland and Europe, whether you’re a student, beginner or an experienced kitesurfer.


station manager and cat / windsurf instructor

Wet4 Fun Center , Ibiza & Fotmentera
Instructor / Coach | Customer Support | Project / Program Management | teaching experience & knowledge | customer care / hospitality

Wet4 Fun Center

This season make your dreams come true by visiting our watersport centers in 2 of the most beautiful areas that the Balearic Islands can offer. Ibiza and Formentera offer you unforgettable views of the Mediterranean Sea, a clean and fresh air and a welcoming cultural atmosphere. There are no limits when the combination of such natural beauty are combined with the professional service of our sailing schools of Ibiza and Formentera.


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