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Chickenloop Job Board was created to connect kitesurfing employers and interested and qualified candidates without the hassle and stress that I have personally experienced. I had to spend far too much time and money in order to find suitable kitesurfing instructors in India.

When I started playing around with the Drupal website framework, I realised a job board dedicated to kitesurfing and kiteboarding could be easily set up to help kitesurfing employers avoid or at least reduce the trouble that I had to go through.

My intention is purely to help the kitesurfing community, and that is why advertising jobs and posting résumés on this site is completely free.

I look forward to being of service and hope the Chicken Loop International Kitesurfing Job Board will be successful and prove useful to at least a few people.

Happy surfing,

Sven - Chickenloop
Sven Kelling